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What kind of hauling services do you offer?

We specialize in all kinds of Flat bed, Over-dimensional, specialized and heavy transportation. We typically provide long haul transportation over 1000 miles from the United States to Canada and from Canada to the United States.

Do you handle international transportation?

Yes! Loadstar Transportation is one of the leading heavy and specialized hauling companies that provide transportation services to international destinations, mainly Canada.

Do you arrange permits?

Yes. We take care of all the permit requirements to ensure smooth transportation and a timely delivery.

How does your being a Landstar Agent benefit us?

Being an independent Landstar Agent gives us the support of a financially stable company that is recognized as a leader in information technology, utilizing software and Web-based applications, EDI, and satellite tracking. This enables Loadstar Transportation to provide premium transportation services with access to the equipment that you need when you need it.  Being a landstar agent also means that you can be sure that each carrier that transports your goods if not on a landstar truck is very carefully scrutinized for safety, and insurance.

How do we get a quote?

You can easily get a quote online through our website on the ‘Request a Quote’ page. OR call 877-851-1539 or 604-790-8484

When do we pay for the service?

Payment is typically made by establishing an account and then you are invoiced for services provided. In special circumstances payment can also be made by credit card and wire transfer.

How much time in advance do I have to make the booking?

The more advance notice given the better as some lanes and types of equipment can be difficult to find equipment for while ensuring that you pay the lowest price possible. However we can try to accommodate you on short notice.

How long will it take to transport?

It depends on the distance, number of states crossed and weather conditions.

How much will it cost?

It depends on the distance, number of states crossed and weather conditions. Contact us now at 877-851-1539 or 604-790-8484 to request a quote

What about insurance?

Through the Landstar network outside carriers are carefully scrutinized so to ensure that insurance covers the value of the goods we transport. Additionally, our commitment to safety, security and compliance enables us to achieve a 99% claim-free delivery rate.

Do you guarantee the delivery date?

We try our best to accommodate your delivery schedule. If team drivers are required to get it there sooner we do have access to many teams.