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Loadstar Transportation is an authorized Landstar Agent that provides the most efficient and cost effective Heavy Equipment Hauling. This includes the transportation of super loads.

The pre-defined terms for a Super Load are as follows:

  • Width exceeds 16 feet
  • Height exceeds 15 feet
  • Length exceeds 110 feet
  • Weight exceeds 108,000 pounds

To Obtain a Superload permit , You need the following:

A shippers letter confirming the contract to the carrier, pick up and delivery address
as well as a confirmation of dimensions and weights.

An application for all juridictions the load will be crossing with the following info and a drawing :

Company name, address, and phone number.

  1. Company number
  2. Individual axle weights
  3. Axle spacings
  4. Overall length
  5. Tire sizes
  6. Number of tires per axle
  7. Total gross weight

Whether the "super load" is a Transformer, Press, Tanks, Machinery, Large Masonry Buildings, The logistics are mind-boggling; Only few Specialized Carriers only a few carriers are capable of handling colossal moves like these.

If you are looking at a load that meets these specifications and wondering the best way to transport it, then you have come to the right place. Whatever your super load is, Loadstar Transportation is specialized in flatbed hauling and specialized hauling to ensure that your load is delivered to your desired destination in a safe and timely manner.

Through the landstar network Loadstar works both as a trucking company and a 3 party logistics provider to provide you with best heavy haul trucking company solution that you can find to move your super load.